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Steven Abreu started his first job as a runner at Wall Street Kitchen & Bar in 2000. The establishment was formerly owned by Tony Goldman and known to be one of the pioneers of the restaurant and bar industry. Steven eventually had the opportunity to become a waiter and bartender for many years to follow.

After gaining valuable experience he was offered his first position of management in 2005 at a celebrity owned restaurant by the legendary R&B duo, Ashford & Simpson. The restaurant specialized in the live entertainment and Latin Soul food. Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar is a celebrity hub. 

Michael McDonalds, Patti Labelle, Cindy Lauper, and Freddie Jackson are just a

few of the accomplished singers to grace the stage at Sugar BAr. Eventually, the role as a manager expanded throughout his 5 years stint to Event Coordinating, Catering on and off-site and Booking Live Entertainment regularly.

After leaving Sugar Bar the next opportunity to manage was presented at a Mexican restaurant located in the Inwood Section of Manhattan called Guadalupe Bar and Grill. Known for its flank steak and Guadalupe margarita, the volume of the walk-ins on a busy strip mall street was endless, close to a 1-hour wait. Times were often the norm on the weekends. Spanish was the primary language spoken by the patrons & staff.

His next opportunity in the hospitality industry was at MXCO located in the Upper East Side. After his departure, the restaurant closed but they had some of the best gourmet tacos in town and one of the fastest kitchens he has ever worked at.

Steven’s experience has helped shape him as a small business expert in the hospitality industry. Since his introduction to the industry in 2000, Steven had the opportunity again to open a restaurant. That opportunity was presented in July 2013 with the opening of Farafina Cafe. Offering an electric fusion menu with its base hailing from the West coast neighborhood in Harlem.

He is currently the restaurant and bar manager at Son Cubano.